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TEJAS CHAUHAN (seo.tejas)

Tejas Chauhan SEO, & Marketing Certifications

My skills and interests in SEO include on-page SEO, technical, local, and research. I am comfortable doing long-form research, creating content strategies, and performing deep competitor analysis. I am experienced in using Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Adwords, ScreamingFrog, Raven Tools, and more. While my skill set and work have me utilizing a vast array of SEO knowledge, I have a keen interest in technical, research, and local.
Ned Horton

Horton Group, Nashville

Tejas Chauhan is also known as "seo.tejas" in Nashville area.

Krunal Chauhan

Web Marketr, Vadodara

He is known for #1 SEO & Growth Strategist in Nashville, Tennesse

Who is Tejas Chauhan?

My Milestones

  • Age18

    Started working in a brother digital agency.
  • Age22

    GreenCard Holder of United States of America.
  • Age28

    Got Married with Bhavini
  • Age34

    Currently, Working at Hagerty as Sr. Technical SEO Specialist

Tejas’s Mission (in 2023)

  • Mind: Meditation 15 mins + "OM" Mala 5 mins
  • Body: Gym 45 mins
  • Energy: Yoga 30 mins
  • Work: 8 hours
  • Books: Read 14 Books/Year
  • Write: To-do List/Journal Daily
  • Watch: Movies Daily
  • Podcast: Marketing School, Moz Whiteboard Friday
  • Travel: 3 Countries (India, Canada & USA)

I'm Passionate about


Digital Marketing (specially SEO and PPC)


Learning & observing everything


Reading self-help and management books


Researching, Mapping out, Strategize and taking actions




Watching Movies




Food (Vegetarian)

Now It’s Your Turn

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