Ned Horton

Horton Group, Nashville

His vision to see the current structure of the company and improving it has led to more scalable work processes, better defined responsibilities, and happier employees.

Krunal Chauhan

Web Marketr, Vadodara

Tejas is a growth expert who will make an immediate, positive impact on your engineering team’s culture and productivity.

Tejas’s Life

Tejas’s Milestones

  • Age18

    Started working in a brother digital agency.
  • Age22

    GreenCard Holder of United States of America.
  • Age28

    Got Married with Bhavini

Tejas’s Mission (in 2020)

  • Mind: Meditation 15 mins + Mala 5 mins (daily)
  • Body: Workout 45 mins (daily)
  • Energy: Yoga 30 mins (daily)
  • Work: 8 hours (weekdays)
  • Grow: Plants (Currently having 2 plants - Mission: 20 Plants)
  • Books: Read 24 Books (yearly)
  • Write: Journal (daily)
  • Watch: 48 Movies (yearly)
  • Listen: Marketing Podcast (weekdays)
  • Feed: Birds (Currently feeding 9 birds - Mission: 20 Birds)
  • Travel: 2 Countries (India & USA), 4 States (in USA)

Tejas’s Passion


Digital Marketing (specially SEO and PPC)


Learning & observing everything


Reading self-help and management books


Researching, Mapping out, Strategize and taking actions




Watching Movies




Food (Vegetarian)

Now It’s Your Turn

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