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Ned Horton

Horton Group, Nashville

His vision to see the current structure of the company and improving it has led to more scalable work processes, better defined responsibilities, and happier employees.

Krunal Chauhan

Web Marketr, Baroda

Tejas is a growth expert who will make an immediate, positive impact on your engineering team’s culture and productivity.

Who is Tejas Chauhan?

Change Your Habitude, Change Your Life

How Your Attitude Affects Your Personal Life and Business

From ancient philosophers to modern day inspirational thinkers, the message has been the same: Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and your actions become your habits.

At the core of how we perceive ourselves, how we present ourselves, are our HABITUDES — habitual ways of thinking and acting that affect our attitudes towards our life. While our attitudes influence our behavior, it’s our habits — those recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behavior — that direct our actions.